Studying in Nepal After Studying In Foreign Country or Foreign Affiliation

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Hello guys,

I just went through this experience and would like to share so that it might be helpful for other lots of student seeking for higher education in Nepal.

I had my bachelors studies in Islington College which is affiliated by foreign university (London Metropolitan University) and was trying to enroll in Nepal's university. I gave my entrance exam and passed and was ready to enroll. But unfortunately, I had no idea that I have to assess my foreign education. That means, I need to have a proof that the course I studied in foreign country or foreign affiliated institution is equivalent to the course I am trying to study in Nepal. And yes that made sense to me for controlling and verifying education qualification. So I went to Tribhuvan University, Pathyakram Bikaas Kendra Department which is in Kirtipur and applied for a proof certificate of my foreign education equivalency. I was lucky that London Metropolitan University course was already previously attested/analyzed for equivalency. So it did not took time. I received my proof next day of application. If you studied in foreign country then there is a good chance that the university that you studied from may not has been attested/analyzed for equivalency. So in this case, you may have to wait a longer time probably a week since they need time to check thoroughly all of the subjects studied and based on the subjects they analyze which course of Nepal is equivalent of the course you studied.

Hope this helps. Thanks

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