Soil liquefaction to know about before buying or building a house in Kathmandu Valley

As most of us all know that Nepal sits right above the boundary of two massive tectonic plates, that means Nepal is highly prone to earthquakes. We are all aware by now the housing we should build and live in. However there's also one major important issue which is the massive cause of houses destruction and that is "Soil Liquefaction".

Soil Liquefaction liquefies soil with water which causes soil to lose strength to hold a house. The result is somewhat called "Maato Bhaseko" in Nepali language.

So to avoid more potentiality being next earthquake victim, you should obviously consider this issue seriously, especially for new home buyers.

Kathmandu Soil Liquefaction Hazard Map 1993 Kathmandu Soil Liquefaction Hazard Map 2014

Both posted map is a Kathmandu soil liquefaction hazard map. Above one was surveyed and analyzed in 1993 whereas below one is the recent one of 2014. These map should help you decide to buy appropriate property/home for you to live with much lower risk.

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