Career in Nepal in Information Technology Industry

Information Technology (IT) is one of the most significantly growing and highest paying industry in Nepal as well. Since most of the works are acquired from developed countries, most companies in Nepal are capable to pay high income and benefits to their employees. It's also one of the most flexible industry in which employees are not required to have a degree to build a career in this industry. You just need to have software development skills to get started. If you have internet at your home, then you can also build these skills via it. There are tons of free video and text resources/tutorials available to help you build up these skills. All you need to do is just learn for at least 6 months and based on your improvement and confidence you can apply for the job. At first its hard, but eventually it will become easier and easier to learn. In my experience, I have met lots of friends who didn't had any computer degree and through the interviews that I had during these 4 years non of the employers took a look at my degree.

Hope this helps you guys. Thanks

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