SSD Buying Guide in Nepal

We have very limited choices to buy SSD in Nepal. At the time I am writing this post, I surveyed SSD's available in New Road as well as online market. In online market, I found very limited SSD seller's available also the price was around 50% more expensive then in New Road. So I decided to visit New Road for this survey as well as to buy SSD.

I visited 5 to 6 computer shops in New Road and only had San Disk choice to buy. Kingston and Adata SSD's were also available but very few.

The majority of SSD very not seal packed. One shop also recommended me to not to buy non-seal packed SSD's and the reason was that they came from used computers. That did made sense.

Unlike HDD, SSD have write life expectancy. That means you can only read data from SSD, but cannot write to if after some years of usage. However, modern SSD's has features like "wear-leveling" so this increases modern SSD's life expectancy to run at least 5 years for normal users if bought new. So I avoided to buy non-seal packed SSD's.

Since I had I a laptop of 2010, it was not sure whether SSD's will run in my laptop though I had compatible slot (SATA II). Because modern SSD's will have newer data structures, SSD will may or may not be compatible with older laptops. So you should bring and check this compatibility in shop as well.

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