Can I a capture video for a proof against corrupted government officials?


I sometimes get involved in arguments with government officials while I try to take care of my official paper works. They often hesitate, delay, and do not provide proper information for my work to finish it up. As a result, it ends up with arguments. So I often wanted to capture video to share this kind of corruption to people, but can't do it because of my lack of knowledge of my own rights. So I was wondering if I can do this or not.


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Hello Mani,

It's very nice thought of yours to aware people with this kind of issues, since the problem you are facing is the major concern against Nepal's development and raising corruption.

And YES, its definitely legal to capture video in your mentioned situations since government offices are not someones private property and you have a right to freedom of press, information, and communication according to Nepal's 2015 constitution right to communication (article 19), and right to information (article 27). For more detail information you can visit this site click here. It has very good information of freedom of press for citizens of Nepal and has guaranteed full freedom of the press.

Hope this will help you.


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Thanks anup for sharing this valuable information.... Its really valuable information that every people should know about to fight against corruption...

(11 Feb '17, 01:24) mani-rai ♦♦
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