How to send or transfer money from Nepal to India?

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Hello prabin-rai,

I also recently had to send money from Nepal to India. At the moment of writing this answer, the process was not as easy as expected.

  1. Most remittance services in Nepal are setup only to received money sent from abroad. I think this has to do with Nepal Rastra Bank's policy. It's not easy to send money from Nepal to anywhere abroad. Even western union was setup to receive money only.
  2. One sure method I found to send money from Nepal is everywhere abroad was draft. Here you convert Nepalese rupees to foreign current and make a draft. I think you require pay for the draft as well. I think in some banks you also need to open an account. Opening an account doesn't take much nowadays.
  3. Another method is called wire transfer. I think this is more expensive compared to draft method, but faster. The amount is deposited within 2 to 3 days. In Nabil bank, I was required to open an account to wire transfer.
  4. With wire transfer, you can only send minimal amount. If you want to send lots of money, then you will have to show the valid purpose backing with documents like hospical or education fees, etc.
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answered 15 Jul '20, 23:10

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