How to safely maintain inverter's battery?

Hello guys,

I have a Su-Kam tabular inverter and same brand battery. I recently found that batteries can be very dangerous and possibly blast if it's not properly maintained. So any idea, how to maintain it properly?

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Hello bidhya-rai,

According to my knowledge, common mistakes people does are:

Pouring or using lots of distilled water in battery then required.

As a result, the water overflows and corrodes ventatilations over time. The battery produces a gas that needs to escape outside. If the ventatilations are blocked due to corrosion, then this commonly results in explosion of battery. View given image to find more about ventilation.

alt text

Tightening caps very tightly

You don't need to tighten caps/cover very tightly. Just a little tight is enough. This is for the same reason, mentioned above.

Not Cleaning Battery

Clean outside of the battery time to time. Over time dust will cover your battery and so your battery ventilation which will block the ventilation resulting in explosion. So clean your battery time to time. You can use needle to clean your battery ventilation.

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