Do I need EXIM (Export - Import) code to import few products from online sites?


I want to buy few products from online sites like aliexpress, alibaba, banggood, etc. I was learning about import tax/cost required, but stumbled on EXIM code. I am now confused if i need EXIM code as an importer for personal use.

Can anyone help me guys?

asked 01 Sep '19, 11:12

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No, I am almost sure you don't need EXIM code to import goods for personal use assuming you are import small amount. According to import export 1st Ammend 1st paragraph, it is stated that it is implemented to make import transparent, managed, and simplified for commercial importers. No statement regarding, individual/personal import is there.

Also it is stated in point 8 that, EXIM code is not required if anyone is importing NRS. 50,000 or less worth of goods or if anyone is clearing NRS. 5,00,000 worth of goods.

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answered 01 Sep '19, 11:27

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