What graduate or master course or program related to computer can I study after BCA or BIT or BIM?


I am graduate of BIT and want to start my study toward master in computer related programs. But seems like there's too little choices in computer related programs. I can only find Master's in Computer Engineering and Master's in Computer Science at the moment which I think I am not eligible to study. Do anybody have any idea if there's a course that I can study based on my preference? If yes, I would really appreciate if I can have any idea regarding it.


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Hello mani-rai,

I was an student of BIT and based on my research and experience in Pokhara University (PU) programs, BCA, BIT, and BIM graduated students are not eligible for Master's in Computer Science and Computer Engineering program since BCA, BIT, BIM student may not will have required qualifications. This means students may not have studied courses that are required to study Master's in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

Unfortunately, the computer related program I studied is Master's in Computer Information System (MCIS) and is the only one program available that is computer related provided by Pokhara University.

In TU, I think there's none of the computer related master's program that are eligible to study by BCA, BIT, and BIM graduated students. I think there's only ME and MSc.IT computer related program provided by TU, and to qualify for those programs we need to have Bachelor in Computer Engineering or Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduated.

Hope this helps.

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answered 30 Jan '19, 23:51

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