Laptop Buying Guide in Nepal

Last week my laptop got busted and it was also time for me to get new one since I had been using it since last 8 years. So before getting the new laptop immediately, I did few research in web and shortlisted the laptops according to the priority that I want to buy and started doing price research of those laptops in web using,,, and so forth.

One interesting thing I found is that prices were so similar to US market. There were almost no shipping cost included. That had me a doubt regarding its ingenuity since I don't want to get second hand or refurbished laptop investing huge sum of price. That is why I started visiting stores mostly in New Road and Putalisadak. Upon visit I never found sealed laptops nor the cases were genuine. Some stores were even not able provide official international warranty and everybody was trying to prove them right to make a sale. Most importantly one of the retailer even frankly told that "In Nepal, around 80% laptops are refurbished since they cannot sell fresh laptops due to shipping cost". And that does makes sense.

So my recommendation would be, try to find someone abroad who will to import laptop for you while they are visiting Nepal. Or at least get an international/official warranty from the brand itself (Not the retailers warranty). You can probably see the warranty details in laptop brands official website. In my case, it was dell product and they had this service. Just enter Service Tag or Serial Number, they should you start and end date of warranty of the laptop and the start date must be the day or after the day you bought the laptop.

[UPDATE] Just found out that dell can provide 1 year warranty on refurbished laptops as well. Not sure about other brands. Also found that, there's no way to assure that dell product is refurbished or not. While in order brands like Lenovo and HP, they seem to update their product's model number including 'R' letter in it. But dell's not doing that. Seems like because of this case, theirs lot more of dell computing products in Nepal's market.

Good luck and beware

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