What is the best option to transfer funds in Nepal from other countries?

Hello guys,

I want to transfer funds from USA to Nepal. I am wondering what can be the best solution to do so. By best solution, I mean with low transfer cost.

asked 10 Aug '18, 19:04

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Hello mani-rai,

I would recommend using TransferWise, to transfer funds since their cost are really transparent. They use mid-market rate to convert your USD to Nepalese Rupees while almost all remittance, banks, others uses their own exchange rate to gain profit while exchanging currency which most of us don't know about this hidden cost. Mid market rate is actual exchange rate. TransferWise is transparent since they convert your USD with actual exchange rate and also tells you their service cost you need to be aware of. I haven't used TransferWise yet but did few research about it while I was too trying to transfer funds from USD to NPR. Since I alreayd had a payoneer and they are also transparent, I needn't need to use TransferWise. I recommend go ahead and try it. I am sure you won't regret it.

Good luck

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answered 10 Aug '18, 19:34

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