How to transfer fund from payoneer to Nepal?

Hello guys,

I do part time freelancing and have few amount in my payoneer account. Now I want to transfer some fund to Nepal. Is it possible to transfer funds from payoneer to Nepal? If so, then how can I do that?

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Hello mani-rai,

Yes it is possible to transfer funds from payoneer to nepal. I too have a payoneer account and transfer from payoneer often. To do so:

  1. First you have to add your Nepal local bank from your payoneer account. Bank's SWIFT code is required to do so. It can be found really easily in google as well or contact your bank via phone.
  2. Within 3 business days, you will receive an email of bank link being confirmed and you can proceed transferring your funds directly from payoneer.


  1. When transferring funds to Nepal, convert Payoneer currency to Nepalese Currency to avoid extra charges from your local bank.
  2. Payoneer charges 2% for every transfer. But most people do not know that they convert currency using mid-market-rate.
  3. Mid market rate is the actual conversion rate. Based on this rate, banks, remittance, and other financial institution, makes their own exchange rate. For eg: If mid market rate is $1 = 110.10, then payoneer use this rate to convert you funds and transfer it to you. While other financial institutions will have their own rate. For eg: $1 = 109.10, while they says that transfer cost is free. But this actually is a hidden cost most people are not aware of. Most financial institution works this way to gain profit.
  4. So I am quite happy with transparency with payoneer and being using them to transfer funds. And I found its quick to funds gets transfer within 3 business days with one click.

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