Difference between Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu University, Purbanchal University, and Pokhara University

Hello guys, My brother has just passed his HSEB exam and now preparing to join the college. But we are having a confusion on which accredited college to join since we are not much aware of different accreditation of Nepal. We just know accreditation provided universities like Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu University, Purbanchal University, and Pokhara University, but don't know much about the accreditation provided by those universities. So any help will be very appreciable. Thanks

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Hi mani,

What I know about these universities is, they are the Nepal's top universities providing best education and recognition in Nepal at the moment. There may be other but not as well recognized as these universities. Since these four universities alone cannot intake millions of students per year in Nepal, they provide affiliation to private institutions (colleges) to fulfill the education demand of Nepal. Education system of private institution will be governed by their corresponding affiliated universities, so studying in private institution with their affiliation will not be a problem.

Note: This information is based on experience of a person which may not be 100% reliable. So please do not completely depend of this information.

Tribhuwan University:

  • Government financed university. So it's the cheapest.
  • High recognition in job market in Nepal.
  • Courses are outdated (you know why, gov prob).
  • Other universities are focusing in engineering faculty, so this university is better in terms of other faculties.
  • Heard medical faculty is good.
  • Moderately affected by politics.
  • More affiliated colleges. So more intake.

Kathmandu University:

  • Strict education. Expels you if you fail on three subjects.
  • Most managed. Examination on time.
  • Private university. So its little more expensive.
  • Best for engineering faculty.
  • Not much affiliated institutions. So very limited seats.

Pokhara University

  • More up-to-date courses than that of Tribhuwan University.
  • Heard highly affected by politics.
  • Not well recognized in Nepal's job market as TU and KU.
  • Partnership with abroad universities. So more internationally recognized than TU and KU (also heard this from education consultant).
  • More affiliated colleges. So more intake.

Purbanchal University

  • This should be your last choice.

Abroad university affiliated institutions (Islington College, British College, Sikim Manipal University, etc) are also emerging in Nepal, but beware of those colleges. Their courses may be of distance education courses which may not be equivalent to standard courses and may not be recognized external affairs.

Try to get degree, not diploma. Diploma is just similar to certification program in a specialized field whereas degree is more higher education than diploma which will open more opportunities and recognition. Universities awards degree's not diploma's.

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Very informative answer. Thanks ladipma.

(14 Jan '17, 22:11) mani-rai ♦♦
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